Lemonade "Kazbegi Export"

“Kazbegi” started lemonade production  in 2001. Nowdays  the company  produces 9  denominations of lemonade. They are:  “Lemon”, “Pear”, “Tarragon”, “Sitro”, “ Orange”,  “Izabella”, "Cream", "Feijoa", "Cherry".
Lemonade is bottled in 0,5 L.  glass bottles, as well as 1L. and 1,5L. PET containers.

Composition:water, sugar, stevia,carbon dioxide, natron benzoate and corresponding natural aromatic compounds, according to the denomination.

Energetic value: 100 grams contains 40  kilocalories.
Carbohydrate : 9,9.

Lemonade "Cream"
Energetic value: 100 grams contains 47 kilocalories.
Carbohydrate : 11,7.

Lemonade "Isabella(grapes)"
Energetic value
: 100 grams contains 38  kilocalories.
Carbohydrate : 9,5.

Lemonade "0 Calorie"

Composition:water,  stevia,carbon dioxide, natural aromatic compounds, citric acid,natron benzoate,  caramel, E150.
Energetic value: 100 grams contains 0  kilocalories.
Carbohydrate : 0.

Storage terms and expiry date: lemonades should be kept under 2-12 degrees in a dark place.
Expiry date: 180 days.


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